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2016 B.O.S.S. Tournament Trail Announced

Below comes from Mike Echols, Tournament Director
2016 B.O.S.S. Schedule (1/11/2016)

Let me start by saying that in 11 years of organizing tournaments, this has been the most difficult one to come up with a schedule that I feel will be suitable for the majority of the teams that have been supporting Bayou Outdoors. I have had it down on paper 2 times and then had to "Start from Scratch" because of high water, reservation issues or other events. Also, and lets get this over early, after a poll that I did this fall I did not include Toledo on the schedule. It got less response than any of the other local lakes... but ...with high water and salvina anglers need to be prepared to start fishing it ....I see it possibly in next years schedule. If you are good with the 2016 schedule I am looking forward to having you fish. If this does not suit you, I completely understand and respect your decision to fish another circuit.

Also, and this is critical..... THERE ARE SOME BIG CHANGES IN RULES AND QUALIFYING PROCEDURES...... so it is imperative that all anglers completely read and understand the rules and regulations this year. We will be giving away 2 Ranger Boats in the Championship but how you qualify and how the boats are given away has changed so READ CAREFULLY.

Entry forms will be out later this week and will be available Friday evening at the Boat Show registration.

2016 B.O.S.S. Dates and Lakes

Dates Lake Weigh In Site

February 6 Cross Lake American Legion

March 5 Bistineau State Park

April 2 Caddo Lake Cash Magic Truck Stop

May 7 Red River Red River South Marina

(If Corp Ramps are closed on April 28, then this event will be moved to Black Lake)

June 4 & 5 Championship ( to be decide at Feb. event)


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